Insanity at its best





  • crazy
  • friendly (how)
  • perverted

what can I say…close enough XD

  • mature
  • dedicated
  • understanding

Well okay then. :P

  • Insane
  • Friendly 
  • Interesting

…Actually, the first thing I saw was “AIAYEE” down the middle, which could probably be interpreted as some kind of ululation/battle cry, so I guess that’s more telling than the other words I found. 

  • Smart
  • Dedicated
  • Insane

I also found “mop”. But I don’t really think that one counts. 


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    scary, interesting and…insane. …Who didn’t see that one coming?
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    Energetic, Emotive, Understanding Well, I try, anyway.
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    no bearing on this blog, but I want to record here that the first three words I saw were Scary Pervert Wok. it feels...
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    Crazy. Quiet. Perverted. Um. No further comment, your honor.
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    sin, sane, born??? what does born mean in this context?
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    No, no, and no. I’m serious, those are the first three words I found. Three different “no”s. I thought this was a joke...
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    … sane. smart. mature. WTF random quiz I found on the Internet. Just, WTF.
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    Mature, Emotive, Understanding. I think that fits reasonably well
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    Aye, rap, sting. Huh. I never thought of my self as a rapper. I’m certainly not very good at rapping.
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